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The HP DeskJet 2640 is a versatile printer with a wide range of capabilities to make your daily printing, copying, or scanning tasks much easier.HP as a printer manufacturer that has long know how to build this printing machine. DeskJet 2640 delivers a compact and comfortable design to suit your home or small office. Excellent print quality is also a key aspect that makes this printer worth the thought of. More importantly, this printer device will not ruin your savings!

HP DeskJet 2640 Printer Review | Driver & Download | Manual | Wireless Setup

HP DeskJet 2640 Review Body and Design

It’s hard to deny that DeskJet 2640 is a professional printer with an adorable design. While most printing machines come with a glossy or matte black cover, the DeskJet 2640 looks amazing in white color. I was a little amazed, as well as surprised, for seeing this beautiful printer cover for the first time. It just gets better with a duck accent. I must say that DeskJet 2640 could be the prettiest printer I have ever seen.

In addition to its beautiful and chic appearance, this printer device is wrapped in a compact and comfortable design. Dimensions 11.97 times 16.74 times 5.87 inches make this machine a great space saver. If you have a narrow desktop, DeskJet 2640 can load that space.

The device weighing 5.4 kg is made of high quality plastic material that gives a classy yet elegant look. Regardless of the material, it does not look thin nor does it sound when you start printing the document. On top of the device, you can find a simple LCD screen that helps monitor print jobs.

HP DeskJet 2640 Features

The DeskJet 2640 has been well known for its affordable prices. Because of that, decent specs and ease-of-use features make it worth the money. It may be a little hard to make a decision, but I will make it easier. All you have to do is check the DeskJet 2640 features and decide.

HP DeskJet 2640 Ink Cartridge

DeskJet 2640 Series uses genuine HP ink which ensures its print quality. Ink cartridges vary depending on your location. For example, the DeskJet 2640 printer marketed in Asia Pacific uses HP 678 Black and HP 678 Tri-color as their ink cartridges. In the meantime, if you buy a device in Latin America then the printer will come along with HP 662 Black and HP 622 Tri-color.

Genuine HP inks and inkjet technology become high-quality printing secrets. This Printer can provide thick black printing as well as sharp colors due to the use of native HP ink cartridges. Make sure you only buy original cartridges of the right type for the best performance and print quality.

There is one thing I want you to know about the HP DeskJet 2640. After you buy DeskJet 2640, you will receive a credit code of $10. These credits can be redeemed with instant ink, allowing you to save ink. More importantly, you can order ink online and wait at your doorstep.

HP DeskJet 2640 Print Quality

Alright, so you’ve found a good printer that can give you all the functionality. But what about print quality? Some all-in-one printers are not good enough in providing high-quality printing because the manufacturer only focuses on the functionality. Certainly not the case with HP DeskJet 2640. DeskJet 2640 can produce bold and black text alongside sharp colored graphics.

But expect too many of these affordable printers and compare devices with unfairly pricier printers. I personally see this printer has some flaws in print quality, although most of them can be tolerated. For example, this printer cannot produce a seamless outline especially when you print a chart.

Although the print quality is lacking, DeskJet 2640 remains a very good printer device. Whether you need to print a child’s homework or a project presentation, this colored printer can handle it. In addition, the machine is capable of producing high quality printing, especially for black printing.

HP DeskJet 2640 Connectivity and Software

Convenience is often associated with connectivity. A good Printer should support easy connectivity, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted connection with other devices such as smartphones or tablets. More importantly, it allows you to print from anywhere at any time. Most modern printers support wireless connectivity to help you with your daily printing tasks. What about DeskJet 2640?

I am glad to know this affordable printer supports wireless connectivity. This mobile printing feature allows you to print any document directly from your smartphone or tablet. These printers are specifically designed to simplify your printing needs. In addition to wireless connectivity, DeskJet 2640 also supports the USB interface to establish a reliable connection with your laptop or PC.

This multipurpose Printer also supports robust printing applications for an engaging printing experience. HP DeskJet 2640 delivers a highly rated HP Smart app that lets you manage all your print tasks with ease. The app also provides a scanning feature while traveling for an accomplished scanning experience.

HP Smart App is a simple but versatile application with a no fuss setting. You can easily download and install the app on your mobile device. Even if you’ve never used this app before, you won’t find any difficulties when setting up the app. Through the HP Smart App, connecting mobile devices and DeskJet printers is made easier.

HP DeskJet 2640 Driver & Download

Because to connect the printer Hp Deskjet 2640 to your device in need of drivers, then please download the driver below that is compatible with your device.


Manuals or user guides for your HP DeskJet 2640 Printer

 Setup Poster 1.10MB
 User Guide 1.97MB
 Reference Guide 3.46MB


Wireless Setup

  • Make sure your Windows printer and computer are connected.
  • Right-click the wireless network tray icon in the taskbar.
  • Open the network and Sharing Center options.
  • Click the Change adapter Settings option.
  • Double-click the network name of your HP Deskjet 2640 wireless setting and click Status.